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UXMAL & PUUC ROUTE | FULL MOON RETREATS from be a conscious traveler on Vimeo.


Mexico and India together.

I am the director and co-founder of Suddha Prem Creative and Be a Conscious Traveler.


I have been a professional photographer for more than fifteen years, and my background is in Public Relations, Hospitality and Production for the tourism and real estate industry in Mexico.

After moving to LA in 2001, I dedicated my time to screenwriting and to the study and practice of Yoga, under the wing of Mas Vidal and Chris Chavez. In 2008, I studied the YogaVeda Lifestyle program by Mas Vidal and my life transformed completely. This is when Suddha Prem was born.

My expertise is in the packaging of Permaculture, Dance, Yoga and Surfing Retreats, Raw Food, Photo Safaris, Luxury Spa, Eco Vacations, Alternative, Rural and Sustainable Travel Experiences, for the Eco-Luxe and the Budget Conscious Traveler.

In order to give a transformational experience, my mission has been to guide and connect the responsible traveler with the finest and unknown destinations, with unique eco resorts, sustainable communities and cooperatives. I linked east and west, through Suddha Prem Creative, Suddha Prem’s Blog (eco-travel with divine love), Be a Conscious Traveler, Covolv Creative and Covolv by promoting conscious and sustainable travel, building trust between the traveler and the destination.

  • In 2008, Gabriela studied Mas Vidal’s Yoga & Ayurveda Lifestyle Program and became a YogaVeda Practitioner.
  • In 2010, Gabriela studied Larry Santoyo’s Permaculture Design Course.
  • In 2013, Gabriela became a Crystalline Consciousness Work Facilitator with Aravel Garduno.

I bring my experience learned through visiting indigenous communities and working in Eco-Tourism together with my YogaVega Lifestyle, Kundalini meditations and CCW studies, with my dreams, finding ways to make the world a better place and the experience of joy and love. I am committed to promoting human and animal rights, spirituality, yoga, meditation, chanting, ayurveda, kundalini yoga, anusara yoga, eco-tourism, tourism, conscious real estate, sustainable development, permaculture and sustainability, conscious food, film, art, food, electronic and spiritual music and economic freedom.